Mistakes that will ruin any resume

Writing a resume

In order for an employer to basically pay attention to you, you need the right resume. Even an experienced developer with good skills and several years of experience, but not enough quality resume can fall off at this stage. This is the stage where job seekers make the most mistakes, so let's start with these.

1. Specifying more than one position on one resume

Usually companies are looking for specific professionals, and multiple positions in a resume title can be discouraging. Most often, such a set means that the person himself does not understand what he wants, or knows a lot of things, but a little bit at a time.

2. Don't upload a photo.

We have to face the fact that employers look at photos of job applicants. Moreover, all major HR-sites have a checkmark "show resume with photo only", and employers actively use it.

3. Upload a photo with more than just you

The employer wants to see in the resume information about the potential employee, not the characters of soap operas or dogs from the Internet. For the same reason, a group picture where the job seeker is among other people is not suitable, because who is who.

4. Hiding information in the resume

If a person in an open resume hides certain information (gender, age, name, professional skills and work experience), the employer may have logical questions as to why this is so. But given that the choice of candidates is usually large, no one will clarify the reasons for hiding information, and such a resume will simply be closed.

5. Hiding your region before the interview

On any job search service, you can specify where you live and where you are willing to move to. However, inside the search there is an option not to show those who do not live in the current region, and only willing to move there. This is important because the company may simply not be willing to move an employee.

6. Lack of Key Skills.

Key skills are usually used as the tags by which searches are made, and if they are not listed, the resume may not be found. Plus, by filling out this field, the job seeker shows awareness of their strengths. This is very important for people in the hiring process.

7. Don't write (almost) anything in the "About Me" section.

Behind every resume is not only a set of functional skills, but also a person to work with and understand what they are. An empty "About Me" field is repulsive because it makes you feel like the person does nothing or doesn't understand who he or she is.

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