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Apartment Bartender

Apartment Bartender creates, curates, and manages premium drink and lifestyle experiences through world class content, events, and recipes. As an influential voice in the spirits industry, Apartment Bartender acts as the bridge between the world of cocktails & spirits and the consumer.

Our Process

We have developed a comprehensive process designed to manage every part of the drink experience from idea to execution.  Our years in the industry and expert insight gives us the credibility to ensure that our clients experiences are bar none.

The Bar


Great content is the pillar of a brands expression. We deliver high quality photography and videography that will captivate and retain your audiences attention.


An event brings people together for an experience. We bring life to that event through bespoke concepts, recipes and drink experiences.


Whether it be social media strategy, content creation, or personal branding, the worlds leading brands take our advice.

Social Media Partnerships

Let us tell your story to our audience.

Recipe Development

Were usually pretty modest... but if theres any opportunity to toot our own horn... ``Beep Beep``


Your product or service with that AB touch.

We are the bridge that connects drink and people.

Apartment Bartender is a brand that embodies inspiration, motivating people and brands alike to aspire for the best life has to offer without being pretentious.  We want our audience to understand that a great experience is truly attainable.

It is important that our client trusts us with their brand and feels “at home” or in other words a sense of relief. We are serious about what we do but when developing a relationship with us we want there to be a feeling of ease and lightheartedness.

We focus on sophistication without being pretentious. Our goal is to provide high end experiences with a down to earth feel, bridging the gap between premium and attainable.

We tell our clients story in the most authentic way possible through premium content and experiences.

As one of the premier influencers and consultants in the drink industry, we have managed to forge a multiplicity of substantial relationships and partnerships with some of the world’s most successful and influential brands.

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The Social Hour

Our Latest Projects

In Case You Don't Believe Us

Ben Long

Partner & National Brand Ambassador, Träkal

Apartment Bartender dives deeper into brands than most people I’ve met in this industry. They understands that each brand is a story and deserves to be told with the same amount of passion as it were their own brand. They care enough to tell the story right.

Kiowa Bryan

Head of Marketing - Spiribam

Apartment Bartender is a dream to work with. They consistently are able to capture and deliver flawless content that is beautiful, informative, and on point for the brand.

Brooke Arthur

Partner / VP, Consumer Education & Advocacy Westward Whiskey

Sometimes when I meet someone they just have that sparkle. It’s like a light that when it shines people can’t help but be drawn to it. That light can make something or someone grow, and shape, and ideally dance so hard that they can’t forget the moment. Apartment bartender inspires me, listens, and produces work that illuminates my ideas, just like a disco ball.
How to find us

Denver, CO

(602) 315-3215