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Hey, I’m Elliott!

I’m a content creator and home (well, apartment) cocktail enthusiast with a passion for crafting, styling, and photographing drinks. I was swept up into the world of all things booze after taking a Cocktails 101 event with some friends.  Maybe it was the creative outlet I needed in my life. Maybe it was the sense of camaraderie a well crafted drink can foster between people. Whatever it was, here I am with a site dedicated to my fellow cocktail lovers.

This has become my craft, and I absolutely love it. If you scour the site, you’ll find home bartending how to’s, lifestyle shenanigans from life on the road, and of course some awesome cocktail recipes.

When mixing, I love to focus on classic, and creative drink recipes with fresh ingredients, and seasonal trends accessible to even those new to the game. Whether you’re a novice to mixing drinks, or a seasoned cocktail enthusiast my hope is that you leave the site with a cool drink to sip on, inspiration to keep mixing, and most importantly a good vibe.

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